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Certificate of Clearance

Our Office is not authorised to issue the Certificate of Clearance (COC), formerly known as Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC).  The COC is issued by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) strictly for immigration-related purposes.

Please note that, with effect from 18 October 2010, the SPF has ceased to issue COC to non-Singaporeans.  For information on the above policy and application of COC, please visit the Singapore Police Force website at


9th Floor, 85 Jen-Ai Road, Section 4, Taipei 106,

+886-2-2772 1940 



Operational Hours:
(i) General matters
Mon - Fri  0900 - 1230 hrs /
1330 - 1730 hrs  

(ii) Notarial and Consular Services
Mon - Fri  0900 - 1200 hrs /
1330 - 1700 hrs

Closed on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays in Taiwan and Singapore's National Day on 9 August.

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